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Madeleine de Chandon

Sunglasses. She hadn’t paid them much mind when she first waved, but Madeleine couldn’t help but wonder if it was so sunny outside that they were necessary… or if Monsieur Dubois was suffering from an illness that Madeleine knew all too well. If he was… Well… Misery loved company.

Perhaps that was why he joined her today. Whatever the reason, Madeleine was glad for it. She grinned at her co-worker.

"Can I tell you," he said as he flopped into the chair across from her inviting himself to join her, "what a welcome sight a familiar face is this morning. And I will be forever in your debt if you have another one of those."

Madeleine’s grin widened and she began to fish in her purse for the cigarette pack.

“Certainly,” she said, understandingly. Her hand, finally hitting the red-and-white box, latched on and she pulled it and her lighter out. “Here.”

They slid across the table to Sebastian and Madeleine took the time he spent lighting up to study him. He was as handsome as she remembered, but his eyes were that tell-tale red color. Madeleine didn’t want to read too much into things, but she knew that there had been many mornings where her own eyes were red-rimmed and bleary. Best remedy? Coffee, cigarettes, and maybe some Tylenol. Or at least, that’s what Madeleine thought. And being the voice of experience, she was pretty sure that Sebastian was going through a delightful little thing called a hangover.

“You already order?” she asked, breaking eye contact and flicking some ashes into the ashtray.
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