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Originally Posted by angelofthenight View Post
Calvin Booth

Calvin was coping. It had been almost three weeks since Taressa had taken off and it seemed that both of his kids were adjusting to the change the best he could. Their morning during the week were rather routine. Calvin got Parker up for school and got him out the door after having a cup of coffee while he ate breakfast. He stuck around until eight o'clock when the babysitter whoever it might finally arrived. Sometimes it was Cara, sometimes it was Vaylin, and other times it was Noel, the girl that they had hired a good time ago. He paid them all despite their protests, he said if they were going to stay home all day with his daughter, asleep or not they deserved some kind of reward from him. Calvin worked until one at which time he took his lunch break but usually grabbed a bite out of a vending machine and worked straight through lunch then he had the time tog et off early and pick up Parker from school. He took Parker home and made sure he did his homeowkr before plopping in front of the TV and watching it for an hour before dinner time. Calvin had also started learning to cook. He could make spaghetti, tacos, and hamburgers with little incident and he was quiet proud of himself... on nights that he didn't feel like cooking he usually ordered pizza or something else that Parker liked.

Today had been a change in routine. It was nwo his lunch break and he wasn't working. Instead he was at a Bistro, he place where he probably should go to lunch rather then eating the junk out of the vending machine. Calvin had been rather reluctant when he'd gotten the note from the receptionist. She'd said a young woman had dropped it off which made him rather nervous only because there was nothing to indicate who it was from. He hoped at first that maybe that woman was Taressa and she wanted to meet him to make arrangement for the kids to come and see her or something. Not that he would allow that... she'd lost her privilege to see them when she'd walked out on Parker while he'd begged her to take him with her. Calvin was still bitter towards her and though Cara and Vaylint ried to tell him that being bitter wasn't the answer when he asked what he should do they didn't answer him then either. So CAlvin was bitter towards Taressa and towards women in general. Well women close to his age with blond hair and blues eyes, he'd only met one or two in the past few weeks which ws fortunate because he'd beena ble to keep himself from exploding inf ront of them... it was their fault they reminded him of his fiance who had left hima nd his children.

Calvin entered the bistro and closed the black umbrella he'd been hiding under. He shook the water off and put it next to a bucket where a bunch of other umbrellas were store. He took off his black gloves and shoved them into the pocket of his long gray jacket that he was a fan of wearing. It was one of the only jackets Taressa hadn't bought for him at some point. He just wan't that in to jackets but she liked to make sure he had an assortment so she'd bought him queit a few and he sitll couldn't bring himself to wear them. He scanned the place for whoever might have sent him the note. There was no one famliar and when the hostess came foward asking if she could seat him he shook his head and said he was waiting for someone. Calvin observed people talking and laughing, grumpy people eating alone that semed to like their food to much to care about their social status... there were people who looked at him and watched what he was doing because they had nothing better do and all the while Calvin didnt' find anyone that might have seent him the note. Then his eyes drifted over to the back and he felt every muscles in hsi body bunch up with shock and surprise when he finally saw her... sitting there with a mug of coffee in front of her.

Amelia. It had been so long since he'd seen her. Not since that night he told her he was suffering from a heart condition that was killing him. The only savior had been a surgery performed on his heart to replace the infected and disease infested valves of his heart. It had been a long recovery, in fact there were still things Calvin couldn't do taht he'd been able to do before. That was alright... he couldn't complain much considering that not long after the first one he'd suffered another heart attack, not as serious, in fact he proably could have stayed hom but Taressa had insisted they go to the hosptial. It had gone away on its own. By the time Taressa had gotten the kids in the car he announced the he was feeling better... he felt like he'd been hit by a bus but that had been normal for the stage of his illness that he was in. She had insisted and begged and he'd finally relented and said that if he had to be there longer then two hours she was to come home and he would get a cab home when he got discharged. He'd hated how everything seemed to revlove around his illness... what were they doing tomorrow? Well ater they got Calvin's medication and took him to the cardiologist for a check up they would go to lucnh.. it had been ridiculous and Calvin was glad that he didn't have that problem anymore.

He did not hesitate now. He'd hesitatee before because the last time he'd recieved an anonymous note from seemingly no one he'd gone tot he stables and Mark Blaze had broken his arm and three ribs. Perhaps the only thing that had urged him to come here was the fact that it was a public. Calvin had never been the paranoid type so finally he'd decided her would go. Now here he was and there was Amelia and he coudln't deny that he was happy to see her. He approached her table and grabbed a glass of water off a tray... he woudl pay for it, they wouldn't have to worry about it. "I hope I haven't kept you waiting..." he said, glad that he was looking liek his odl self now, before any of the heart issues. He could tel almost the moment he sat down that something was the matter. He leaned forward slightly. "So who is it that I'm talking to today?" he asked lightly as he tried to catch her eye but this was no joke. He handled Amelia and Griffen differently... and they behaved differentlya round him as well. "Regardless I'm glad to see you.. a lot has chaned since you went away..." hes aid, he was going to leave it at that.. she seemed troubled enough.. he wasn't going to burden her with his problems too.

Amelia ‘Griffin’ Nightwing

Amelia couldn’t really say that she had been waiting long. In fact, she couldn’t even say how long she had been waiting. Time seemed to get away from her sometimes. It would be like the times Griffin had taken over and she would track of time and place. A few weeks ago, when she was on her way back to Paris, she could remember arriving at a bus station and getting on it. But the next thing she remembers is finding herself in a back alley two towns over with the bodies of groaning men around her. Her fists were bloodied and her body ached slightly. It had confused and frightened her slightly, but when she confronted Griffin about it, she figured out that the entity hadn’t taken over at all. Dismayed by this thought, she had found the closest public restroom and washed her hands off. It had taken her days to figure out that she had rode the bus through two stops and had been searching for an inn to crash for the night when she had been jumped. The strongest memory of this event was her own fear and Griffin’s rage boiling in one fierce emotion together. She supposed that that was what had given her the energy to fight the men off.

As much as the blanks in her memory and the lack of Griffin’s involvement these last few weeks, Amelia had still felt the need to get in contact with Booth; if only just to see how he and Parker were. The thought of the young boy made her warm slightly and wonder if he had gotten any bigger then he was the last time she had seen him. Taking a sip of her drink, the girl slouched slightly in her seat as she finally felt some warmth come back to her half-frozen body. She continued to stare down silently into her cup, the noise around her fading into the background of her thoughts. Her mind continued to wander from one thing to another, picking up snippets of info from the patrons around her. Momentarily, she thought of Cat and wondered what he would say or do if she went to look for him; after all, their last encounter had involved Griffin. Part of her mind insisted that the boy would be afraid of her now or at least wouldn’t want to see her. As depressing as that thought was she felt that she owed it to her fellow street punk to at least try and explain her disappearance to him. She had a feeling she would put that off as long as possible, no matter what anybody said.

It was as she was processing this thought that Amelia sensed someone coming up to the table. The hair on the back of her neck stood and she tried to keep her gaze down. She had just come to the realization that she might be ready to face the man she saw as her father yet. Her heart thudded against her ribs as he spoke, "I hope I haven't kept you waiting..." God, he sounded the same, like he had never been sick or dying in the first place. She clenched her fists in her lap, willing them not to shake as Booth sat down across from her. "So who is it that I'm talking to today?" Amelia managed a weak shrug in response. Nowadays, she didn’t know who she was. She just floated from day to day as best as possible, trying to figure who she was; Amelia or Griffin? Cause she didn’t feel like Amelia sometimes and she sure as heck wasn’t Griffin all the time. It felt like she was floating in-between the two and she could feel that this was not a good thing. "Regardless I'm glad to see you.. a lot has changed since you went away..." At this, dull grey orbs found their way to the cop’s face.

A sob nearly tore from her throat. The cop looked just like she remembered; granted he had a few more worry lines. Her inner child wanted to throw herself across the table and hug him and never let go. The more reasonable part of her won out though and she stayed in place. Amelia let out a shaky breath, trying to keep her whirlwind emotions from running wild, before she offered a shaky smile that probably could have passed for a grimace as well. “Hi.” she surprised herself with how soft the word was. She cleared her throat and sat up a bit straighter as she tried to appear like the same confident girl he had last seen. This weak, trembling shell of a person just wouldn’t do and she scowled down at her shaky hands before looking up at Booth again. She tried to smirk, but it felt so alien that she had to gaze off to the side. “So,” another throat-clearing cough, “how’s it going Booth?” Her gaze flicked to face before going back to staring at the cup in front of her. Darn it! Why couldn’t she look him in the eye?!

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