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Jennifer Hennings

The wet denim felt uncomfortable against her legs - literally rubbing her the wrong way. She was reminded back to her childhood, to her bedwetting days. Yeah, good times, good times... Jen looked at the guy in front of her. He had just a minute ago splashed a glass of water onto her already wet lap. Was she mad at him - still? Yeah, yeah, she was. But he had had good intentions, right? He didn't look like an idiot that would just randomly dump water onto her lap. He had explained himself, even if it was a smart-ass explanation. God… She felt like going for a run right now to get her frustrations smoothed out. But she had just invited this guy to sit, which was kinda’ weird, so she stayed. It was a wonder she didn’t just storm out of this place right now and head straight home.

"S...S..Sure?" What? Was he "a-scared" or somethin'? Or was he just yanking her chain again? Somehow, Jen wasn't really in a laughing mood. She counted slowly to ten in her head. It helped relieve some stress - sort of. Jen moved over into a dry seat and sat down, twisting her lip a little as the wet denim slid up her thigh. "I'm Myron." Wow. She'd never heard that name before. And here she was, boring old "Jen." "You know, just in case you need that for the police report." Jen managed a half-smile and a pathetic chuckle, raising her brows. Well, the guy was at least trying to be friendly. He wasn't like the other people in the bistro just gaping and laughing behind her back at her little spilled tea incident. He had acted; she had to give him something for that, right? Well, she'd try to be nice.

"Yeah," she said sort of unenthusiastically at his attempt at a joke. "Well, I'm Jen." She let out a little air between her lips in a restricted sigh. She was silently counting to ten again, which became a little distracting so she just gave up and focused on this guy in front of her, this Myron guy, the good samaritan. "And again... I'm sorry." Here, she actually managed a slightly larger smile. "You just caught me at a bad time... I guess." She quickly pushed her hair back over her head and out of her face and pressed her lips together. "And you kind of caught me off guard, flinging the water into my lap. Not really the, um, conventional 'hello, how're you doing?' is it?"

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