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Evea Perry

The memories that flooded through her head in that moment where the ones of a living nightmare the sight of blood, the smell of it to this day she couldn't understand why some claimed that it had no smell. At the moment she could feel it overtaking her other senses the smell, like rusting cooper the taste though none was near her mouth it was still there haunting.

As her gaze fell onto Damon she couldn't help but feel conflicted even more so when he started at her again, sparking that flame of anger that he always seemed to poke at making whatever pity or concern she had for him waver. Still, it wasn't enough to die.

Instead, she held onto that small rekindled spark the one that let force enter her voice, let her get on with what needed doing and get a little but back at him with a few choice words. He had always been the stronger, the leader....the master but now his body shaking even behind her turned back the role was changing.

Though he tried to hide it she could hear it as his body slowly lost its strength, her fingertips brushing over the scar on her shoulder, the bullet wound. It was what made her wonder how she was going to keep him warm even as she tore, cut her shirt into strips knew that his pants would have to be removed, her eyes falling to them.

“If you want to see me naked Evea… all you have to do is ask…I’m happy to oblige… “

Shaking her head she let out a breath watching him, seeing the paleness that was quickly taking over the otherwise tannedness of his skin.

"I know, you'd take your pants off for just about any girl." she shot back instead, taking a hold of his leg making a start at the cut.

Holding her breath, the smell, the sight getting to her she forced her fingers to work for the moment she'd let the cloth soak up some of the blood, try to put pressure on it, later, when she knew she'd have to change the dressing she'd once again debate about the spiders web.

It was as she was debating with herself that she heard him wince, felt him move beneath her fingers his hand striking out to stop hers.

“Watch it… I wasn’t dying before but you just might kill…”

Anger filled his voice but not as much as what entered hers in that moment.

"If I wanted you dead I would have killed you years ago when you tossed me away." She stated tying off the knot her anger dying off a little even as her chest rose and fell quickly as her heart rate tried to calm down "Why did you do it, why did you use me and yet keep pushing me away?"

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