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Thank you, Lotte. I don't have any of the translations, only the abridged version. I have, however, read other posters' thoughts on the various translations. I guess it comes down to whatever appeals to you. For me, because all of these translations have appeared fairly recently, I'm apt to be skeptical. I don't question the translator's experience or credentials. What I do consider is meaning. In my language alone, I can think of words and sentences that are of a completely different meaning than when they were said 100 years ago. I've read postings where people who are well versed in French are not sure what Leroux was trying to say. Since he isn't around to clarify, that's another issue. Despite all of that, I do find that none of the additional chapters or interpretations have changed the basic story.

But I am going wildly off topic here and that was not my intent. Christine is mentioned in the abridged version as a kind person. I don't not believe she is a 100% kind person though. She's often mean to Raoul and I sense a very apparent dislike of Carlotta.

She is a singer in the opera, understudy to Carlotta. She's not singing for charity. She sings to earn a living. All of the sudden she hears a beautiful voice and at Mama Valerius' suggestion, calls it the Angel of Music, even though the thought never occurred to Christine herself.

So the Angel of Music offers Christine lessons and she accepts. Why? She wasn't accepting to perform charity work. The only answer to this is that she wanted to be a better singer. Was her goal to replace Carlotta? She must have made that known somehow or Erik would not have picked up on it and poisoned Carlotta. I'm not saying that's a bad thing to want to be better and be the star. But it does take away from Christine this kind and wonderful girl who wants nothing more than to pity Erik. She wants more. Maybe she felt she's worked hard enough and deserves to move up. Either way, there's some greediness there. And look what happens to her after that. She resorts to lying, so there goes her integrity. We know she manipulates and that is not done out of kindness or compassion for another. Even her purity comes into question as she comes and goes from Erik's house without a chaperone.
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