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Alfred Molina was in Dudley Do-Right with Brendan Fraser.
Brendan Fraser was in School Ties with Matt Damon.
Matt Damon was in Good Will Hunting with Minnie Driver

Wow! That was a briefer one than I expected!

I won't make this one as tough--I hope:The Beatles to Cher.

EDIT: I guess no one wants to try this one, which is not difficult.
The Beatles were in Help! with Leo McKern.
Leo McKern was in Ladyhawke with Michelle Pfeiffer.
Michelle Pfeiffer was in The Witches of Eastwick with Cher.

Hmmm... Can I come up with something that someone will try?
Johnny Depp to Patrick Swayze

5/4 EDIT: The above includes TWO "POTO" stars! OK. Here are two steps:
Johnny Depp was in Edward Scissorhands with Winona Ryder.
Winona Ryder was in Girl, Interrupted with Angelina Jolie.

5/13 EDIT: No one has tried this one either. Here's another step:
Angelina Jolie was in Tomb Raider 2: The Cradle of Life with Gerard Butler.

5/14 EDIT: Here's the rest:
Gerard Butler was in POTO with Emmy Rossum.
Emmy Rossum was in Day After Tomorrow with Jake Gyllenhaal.
Jake Gyllenhaal was in Donnie Darko with Patrick Swayze.

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