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OOC: I am SOOOO SORRY for my tardiness! I have no excuse beyond school and rehearsal. *Slap on the hand* BIC:

Demetria Falcon

Not only was this an interesting introduction to each other it was a very round about introduction, which was good. What was the use in someone knowing too much if you would never meet again…at least Demetria didn’t think they would. Conversations of this sort normally fly out the window. Not that Kasim was forgettable, he perhaps, as he said, drifted.

"It is~eh~difficult to explain beyond the fact that I have been a wanderer all of my life, the child of a wanderer. My mother~she~eh~drifted." he fluffed. Demetria didn’t know whether that was his real story, but either way he elaborated something within it. She was now completely suspicious of his guy. Either he liked playing around with his life story or this was some kind of person that finally tricked Demetria in becoming overly anaylitical.

"She preferred the coast~wharf towns~fishing villages, occasionally a landlocked valley along the way. We traveled a great deal, and I spoke a smattering of this and that with a mixture gleaned from those we encountered. Children are natural mimics. I did not intend to be so~eh~eclectic~varied~unidentifiable." she nodded in understanding as she pondered in a snicker. Though they both were aware of his verbose speech, she still found it quite amusing that he continued on and found pride in his lingual mannerism.

"I do not recall my mother ever saying quite what we were, which left the world open to me. As for the relative excellence...?" he paused for a moment, "... of my English, I must bow to mentors who took me under their collective wings and attempted to cultivate me, I suppose one could say. The accent they could do little about. Sometimes it is stronger, as it is now. You find it amusing? I am a funny-sounding fellow, am I?"

She rolled her eyes in a laughable way. He was so complicated, which she found highly amusing and very playful, "Yes in fact I was able to mention how laughable that accent is on you." She rested her chin in her hand as she placed her elbow on the table, "You don’t see like the person who would." She added as an aside.

She sighed, "Might I be frank?" she inquired, "This entire conversation has been rather…skimpy. Don’t you agree?"

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