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Hello Everyone,

I know I've been fairly quiet on the boards here lately, but look for more and more info in the coming weeks. Here is where we are with FAN OF THE OPERA:

We've recorded the vocals on 4 of the 6 musical numbers, and my musician is working on mixing tracks and finishing those up as we speak (type/read).

We are recording the vocals for the last 2 songs this weekend.

We've bought several hundred dollars worth of material for some lavish costumes, which are now under construction.

The movie is almost entirely cast, save our leading lady, "Kristy," and that will be done probably by the end of next week.

We will be shooting at our local community theater (for the most part), and those dates are all on the calendar. We start shooting in July.

So - VERY EXCITING stuff is going on. I hope all of you will keep up with the movie as it progresses.

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