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Eric Pederson

When Eric had graduated high school and gone to his parents, honeslty confessing that he didn't know what to do wtih hsi life his father had offered him his business of building houses all over Glasglow. Eric had thought seroiusly about it.. he knew that it was a stable business.. that he oculd support a family off the lving he woudl make.. that wans' what bothered him.. what bothered him was ordering people around.. having to be in charge of other people and all the while knowing that evne if youw ere the perfect boss.. even if you got down int eh dirt with your employees and worked they woudl still find a flaw in you and whisper about you behind your back. That was the reason Eric didn't want people workign under him. He woudl rather be at the bottom of the totum poll in a job then have to deal with people under him.. he ahted power.. it brought out the worst in people and ERic didn't want to be liek everyone else.. he knew that if he was granted any kind of power that he woudl abuse it and it was obvious that the way he was shooing the man off the piano was a sheer sign of his lack of ability to handle the power that he woudl've bena given if he'd accept his father's job.. and he normally wasn't like this anywa.. he was just irritated... maybe it was lack of sleep becasue Lorel was often restless at night.. or that he hadn't been able to get his schedule changed ot be able to wathcd his wife's rehearsals.. now he was tkaing it out on the poor unfortunate soul who had decided to play the paino.

As Eric tried ot shoo the man away he ran his fingers along the black mohogany, feeling the dust beneath his fingertips he mentally made an ote to dust it later once this stranger was gone. "Don't touch the piano." Eric's head snapped up at the low menacing words that came form the man. He briefly thoguth about retorting but then decided agaisnt it.. ehw asn't really eager for a full blown agurment over something that wasn't taht big of a deal anyway. Eric retrieved a bundle of bamboo polls and hosted htem onto his shoudlers, walking toward the direciton that the prop they woudl support was. He told the man that hew oudl do better to stay away from thep iano and backstage in general..a fter all he didnt' look like he was dressed to be backstage with his nice slacks and sports jacket.. he just seemed extremely out of place.. like a black sheep almsot. It was then tath he ehard the piano bench squek across the floorboards.. hew asn't sure why he foudn that sound to be so famliar but it casued him to stop dead in his tracks.. and to readjust the polls on his shoudler as it began to tingle.. the weight of polls casuign it to fall asleep and he was half tempted to shift it to his toher shoudler but he dint' instead he simpy stood there and waited or the man's wrath.

"I don't know who the hell you think you are boy, but this is my piano." he siad and Eric's mind worked frantically to think about what that meant for him. Then it hit him and ERic felt all the corlor drain from his face.. and he tried to try very hard to maintin his composure. If the piano beloned to this particular man as he claiemd it to then that meant that this man was non other then Aurelien Renard. Eric had heard many times.. all the stagehands knew taht he piano belong to the father of Lorel's child and Eric had never actually seen the man on the piano.. until today.. until he'd scolded him for palying on his piano. "I pay your bloody wages you pathetic moron. Perhaps a pay cut will teach you to give the Opera Manager's some bloody respect." Eric had two choices. He ocudl continued to fight and argue with the man.. or Eric dcoudl shed some light on who he was. He kenw that consequences coudl come for boht. If he continued to argue with him then it coudl result in him losing his job altogether and the last thing he wanted was to go home to Lorel adn tell her that he'd lsot his job at the hands of her former lover and Elijah's father.. so he figured he had to go with option two.

"If you do wish to cut my pay monsieur Renard..." Eric began turning aroudn to face him as he gazed at him with his serious blue eyes. "Then I will elave it to you to explain to the mother of your son why her husband isn't making as much as he once was.." Eric shifted the bamboo polls slightly. "After all I am trying to support your son and my own family.. a cut in my pay is not what i need at hte moment.." he said honeslty as he gazed at Aurlein. He'd been certain that eventually he woudl meet Eljiah's father adn Lorel's former lvoer he'd just hoped that it woudln't be in these particular circumstances. "Lorel wanted me to ask you.." Eric asked, recallign how Lorel ahd todl him tath mroning that she needed to talk to him about what ehy were going to do with Elijah for christmas.. she'd been certain that Aurelien woudl want Elijah for christmas at one time or another. "Do you want Elijah' christmas eve or chirstmas day.. or do youe ven want him at all.. she doesn't know yoru schedule.. perhaps you shoudl contact her.." he suggeste din acordial manner as he lowered the bundle off his shoulder and set it down in front of him, figuring that it was possible that he coudl be there for a while.
Aurélien Renard

His hands which were sweeping over the black and white piano keys only a moment before were now clenched in fists and resting lightly over the white keys of the instrument. The manager's aquamarine eyes shooting daggers at the stranger who stood right next to the piano and was sweeping his fingers along the dusty black mahogany. The other man's head snapped up when he heard Aurélien growl an order at him not to touch his piano. Not another word was spoken between the two as the stranger ignored the manager and walked off to retrieve some stage props. Aurélien's eyes followed the stagehand's every move, growing all the more infuriated with the other man's rude behaviour. He got easily ticked off with nearly everyone's behaviour these days, not one of them respecting his authority. When he couldn't stand the escalating tension no more, the Opera Manager pushed himself away from the piano, making the bench he sat on squeak loudly across the floorboards. This whole time he didn't take his menacing stare off the other man's back.

The stagehand appeared to have frozen in his tracks upon hearing him move away from the piano. He continued to have his back face the manager when Aurélien took his turn to tell him off. It was the only way to let off some steam from the growing fury inside him. It was easier yelling at a target that wasn't directly facing him either, making the manager feel like he had all the power over this confrontation. How dare a stupid stagehand scold an Opera Manager for playing his own damn piano. After he finished his rant, Aurélien continued to glare at the other man, willing for him to turn around and apologise for his stupidity.

"If you do wish to cut my pay monsieur Renard..." The stagehand finally spoke again, turning around to face the Opera Manager. There was no hint of fright or embarassment in his eyes, which irked Aurélien. How could this other man look at him so seriously and not realise that he was in quite some trouble. Did he know something that the manager didn't?

"Then I will leave it to you to explain to the mother of your son why her husband isn't making as much as he once was.." Aurélien raised an eyebrow at the stranger, wondering what on earth he was talking about. "After all I am trying to support your son and my own family.. a cut in my pay is not what i need at the moment.." How did he know so much about the Opera Manager's son? And why would this lunatic be rambling about supporting Aurélien's son unless he was... He finally realised, this was Lorel's new husband. He didn't know who the loser's name was, but he was the prick who in Aurélien's opinion stole Lorel from him while she was pregnant with Elijah and has been trying ever since to claim the manager's son as his own. Now the idiot was attempting to hold some power over Aurélien by playing the sympathy card. This only made the manager even more angry, for meeting this man was the last thing he ever wanted to do, and now fate had forced them to meet face to face. Aurélien grinded his teeth in frustration. "Well, you can go home and explain to your 'wife' why your paycheck is a little light this week." He snapped, showing no remorse towards this man who he clearly hated immediately. He had never and would never forgive this man for what he had done.

"Lorel wanted me to ask you.." The stagehand continued, mentioning Lorel's name which only gave the manager feelings of heartache. "Do you want Elijah Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.. or do you even want him at all.. she doesn't know your schedule.. perhaps you should contact her.." Aurélien's eyes narrowed to slits as he glared at the stagehand who could brush off the tension between them so easily. Like the manager was someone he could push around just because he married the mother of Aurélien's son. It didn't mean that they were suddenly going to be good mates. The manager crossed his arms over his chest, a defensive stance which showed that he was not going to roll over for this twit. "He's my son, which means I can see him whenever I want." He snapped angrily. "Maybe you should tell her to call me sometime, instead of sending a goddamn messenger."

He then took a step forward and towards the stagehand who he now despised. "Now listen here." He commanded. "You watch yourself on how you speak to me, alright? I am your boss, not your friend. You may have married the mother of my son, but you are not his father. So don't think that you deserve any shred of charity from me. To me, you will always be the conniving ******* who stole everything that was precious to me and claimed it as your own."

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