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Phantomangel 12-11-2009 04:09 AM

The phantom's unseen genius
Okay so how many of you have analyzed the Phantom of the Opera in the sense of colors- Good vs Evil and different things added into the movie. For example the Rose-tied with a black bow around the stem, what can the rose mean. Well Ideally red roses mean love, and the black tie is the Phantom's symbol right. Well what else can it mean. The color itself can symbolize the red rose of love but what about the color of blood and death. and the black ribbon can mean anything from evil because it is black, a tie as in Christine is tied to the phantom in spirit, and sexually. Obviously the movie is completely about Good and Evil, love and seduction. And then what about the Phantom himself. He is always wearing black, red or white. Ok so black, obviously symbolizes the evil, and seductive side of him and black also symbolizes death. Red could mean anything again from Love and affection, to blood and death, and the white can represent the clean justified sid of him and or the good side of him. So those are just SOME of the examples I have come up with. Thoughts? Ideas?

12:23 PM

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