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Christine's Shadow 02-13-2007 11:41 AM

The good, bad, and just plain weird [Dreams]
So I looked, there wasn't any sort of thread discussing dreams, and last night I had a REALLY weird one. So, here post you're wild adventures that go on inside your head- the ones that you acually remember anyways. Weather the dream be funny, weird, or a nightmare that scared you witless- feel free to share it here. So, since I'm the starter of the thread, let me share the inspiration:

Alright so I had a dream last night- hence what inspired me to write up this thread, Anyways!-- and it was actually REALLY odd. (O.o) Alright, for those who know me well, they know I'm a HUGE Julie Hanson fan. Anyways- I actually dreamed this in Sepia/Black and white and if there were colours, it wasn't untill later in the dream. I found myself backstage at some theater, and I was randomly going through my bag that I had with me, and I pulled out a letter that appeared in there and read it. It said something about this woman getting an award and she had taught people randomly, and all her friends were going to be there- and Julie was! So I was like:... okay? and I looked up and the stage was infront of me. My old middle school drama teacher, Julie Hanson, and a bunch of other random people were onstage cheering for someone who looked like Dick Van Dyke. O.o weird right? Okay so then I went outside with my aunt and we went for a drive and we appeared outside this house. The house was really cool, but the gates were covered in random pictures (hence the black and white, it was weird because it was almost high lighted.) and mainly of Julie Hanson. I was like: ... O.o... ooo...kie? And I started walking along looking at the pictures- further down where it was fence, there was a pair of eyes, and I thought it was part of a picture- but then it moved and it was Julie!! I was like: O.O... I THOUGHT YOU WERE PART OF THE FENCE! (I didn't scream that to her- odd enough- I said that in my head) Anyways, she was in this plad suit, and the grass on the house's lawn was plad too. I was like:... okie? So I randomly went inside and was looking around and then Julie was looking around at the top of the stairs, looking at some random picture on the wall and out of nowhere I go: So. You like Plaid.
Julie: *looks over* *laughs* well- it's a funny story!
And then we talked (I already forgot about what) and to my GREAT surprise I didn't squee and try to run off with her like an idiotic phan girl. So, then I apparently had to go because all I can remember is saying bye to her, and then signing her wall (O.o...?) and walking out. The rest of the dream was in colour- I was at a water park with friends, and then I dreamed that whole Julie and the house thing again.

Wow... O.o Do I sound obsessive yet? ... *headdesk* so yeah. Maybe your dreams will be less random- and less phan girl than mine.

Opera Ghost 02-19-2007 10:48 AM

Good idea :)

I don't usually remember my dreams, but I've had some really bad ones recently and have remembered them graphically. They were kinda scary.
1) I was like, being held hostage in my house, but I escaped and knew that if they saw me, they'd kill me. In the end I was hiding under the study desk (where I am now) except it was like, a round table (lol). The evil woman went past the window and stopped, came in, I tried to hide, but she shot me three times. And then I woke up.
2) The other was being chased around this house by the Kraken. Yup, the one you're thinking of. In a house. No water. Twas this really tall house, quite thin, with a huge staircase going round and round all the way to the top. And I was be chased around the house by the Kraken. In the end I hid in my sisters bed, but it found me and I can't rememberwhat happened afterwards.

^ I have reeeally disturbing dreams *is worried*

When I was a kid, I was terrified at night 'cause I thought there was a huge wolf outside my window which would come in and eat me. Must've been inspired by a book I'd read or summat.

- OG

The Floor 02-24-2007 12:30 AM

Best dream I ever had:

I'm at an afterparty for a concert or award show or something, and Hinder, Evanescence, John Mayer, and Tom Green (I don't even wanna know) were all there. I started talking to them, and Tom Green had brought some idiot friends. They were all dressed as different kinds of fruit - Tom was a banana, and his friends were mangoes(sp?!?) and strawberries and green apples. I got really bored really fast - they were all drunk, and they smelled really weird. Like fruit. So. I went to talk to Evanescence - two guys were hitting on me, and the drummer was totally smashed. He skipped hitting on me and actually started threatening me if I didn't go with him. Amy Lee stepped up and told them to back off - and then she started swearing at me for 'ripping off her music'. >_< So I walked away. Time for Hinder. They were all completely stoned outta their gourd, and they couldn't stop talking about my aura. Yes, they told me I had an aura. And the went on and on, til finally I felt this arm around my shoulder and I turned to find this really, really cute guy (who smelled unbelievably good). He wore a green shirt, and he just grinned at me. ^_^ It was John Mayer! He didn't smell like drugs, or alcohol, and he was really sweet and kind. He said something about my eyes and then he just whipped out his guitar and started singing. When I asked what he was doing, he just grinned and kept going. I finally figured out he was writing a song - he would mess around with a little lick on his guitar for a bit, then he'd sing a few lines. Eventually, I sang with him a bit, and everyone around us started clapping and hollering. Finally, he took my arm and whispered to me: "You should be at home sleeping, not partying with these guys. Let's get you outta here." And then I woke up.

Odd thing is, I really don't care that much for John Mayer. I have another really weird dream involving a Catholic, all girl's school, Phantom of the Opera, and murder. And then there's the violent ones - in one, thre are these ninja guys and they're mass-murdering everyone in my school. Honestly, that was my first ever nightmare (had it about two or three years ago), and I've only had one since, which involved being chased by a morbidly obese man through a hedge maze in my church. GAH. Freud would have had a ball with me.

Erik 02-24-2007 01:55 AM

Okay... I have one involving a lot of weirdness.

Jon and I are talking, just hanging out like we do it every day or something, and all of a sudden he strikes up a conversation about his mother, who he never talked about before. Apparently, even though we were in the U.S. (God knows where. Big city, I know that much) his mother was the Queen of the United States. She looked like the brit Queen, only younger-ish. Like, 45 years old tops. And he starts telling me that his mother is really unreasonable and has a bit of a nasty temper, and doesn't like mistakes pointed out to her, or to be made a fool of. Now, his sister Ashley walks in from the other room, barely glances at us, and walks through the door the the next room, obviously pissed.

I ask what's the matter with her, and Jon tells me that she and the Queen of the United States, a.k.a. Mom, had gotten into a HUGE fight and the Queen had cut her out of the family. Which wasn't cool, because they were all super-rich, but now Ashley was outcast. Like she cared. Anywho, I urged Jon to go talk to his mother, and I was sitting there listening from the other room, and I heard snippits of the conversation. Like, Jon was asking her why she had outcast Ash, and when he heard why he told her that Ash had really been right all along. This succeeded in getting him outcast from the family too, only though it was only the three of them to start with.

I remember being EXTREMELY apologetic because Jon was so hesitant, but I had insisted he talk to her. So Jon and I packed up his stuff and caught a ride to Ash's house with her, where the three of us and her husband were going to live. I don't know why I have no home and need to live with Jon's sister XD But anyways.

So, that part of my dream ended, and another started. Only, in this dream, I wasn't me, I was a really good looking guy. And Jon wasn't Jon, he was an even better looking guy (than he already is). :p And Ash wasn't Ash, she was (dare I say it) a tall-ish twiggy blonde chick. And there was an equally tall-ish and skinny chick there too, but she was a brunette. And I don't really know how to explaine this, but we all had different names, but we somehow all knew who we were (Me, Jon, and Ash, +random chick). oO I know. Weird.

So, the beginning of this starts out on a really tall building, that's narrower than it should be because, hah, we're all musicians, in a band, and are playing to a sold out nighttime concert on top of this rickety black building. And there's so much screaming and cheering. And on the front of this black super tall building there are yellow ladders that are not really ladders, just painted on. And we weren't solo, either, there were other bands lined up to preform after us.

So, we do a little "You ready to rock!?!?" thing, and as soon as we play, everyone's a bit confused, because we start out with a crazy guitarist (random brunette chick), and Ash bangs her drumsticks ready to play, and Jon is on Bass and getting ready, and I'm on vocals looking down nervouse because it's windy and I'm afraid we'll fall off into the crowd and kill people in the process. So when we start playing, instead of the rock music we're expected to play, we start out with some rinky dink kids tune that I can't seem to identify, but with rock instruments, and the crowd is silent for a minute than screams and jumps around and everything. Hehe.

Because we rock.

Anyways, we go to leave, and the other bands high five us (even though I had a tambourine for chrissakes) and we start packing up. But before the next band starts playing, Jon grabs the brunette by the arm and says "LOOK AT THIS LOELY LADY FOLKS. AIN'T SHE GREAT!?" And the crowd goes wild, and he spins her, then leaves and they help us pack. Weird. I know. And we go to the hotel, and Jon is sitting on a bed, across from the brunette, who's on the other bed. I'm laying down in the (dry) bathtub, and Ash walks in and leans up against the wall behind the closed door, head at my feet end, and we were both drinking beer (Molsen Canadian, if you must know).

Yeah..... so my dream ended with me and Ash in the bathroom drinking beer.... I don't even have anything cool to say to end this. I'm just weird.

Christine's Shadow 03-02-2007 09:43 PM

wow. hehe I have replies to the thread! ^__^ *feels proud*

So, I was just thinking, I remembered having this dream forever ago. And when I say forever- I mean like... grade 8/9 forever ago.

So, I was at my old middle school, and my current school (I think, or maybe just a performing company) were there doing Wicked. I was Elphaba (yay!) and Act one litterally, just ended with me screaming my head off "BRING ME DOWN AHH!!" etc. etc. and for those of you who know, Elphaba in order to "fly" away at the end of act one is lifted on a platform with a mass of cloth just hiding it- anyways! I jumped down and landed in the audience, and right infront of me was my grade 8 english teacher, my best friend, and the phantom. (o.o) My english teacher like... IMPAILED my best friend, my friend impailed the phantom and the phantom impailed my teacher. I saw this and went: WTF. and then started laughing my head off. Minutes later I woke up.

...scared yet?

AngelInDisguise 03-03-2007 04:03 PM

For some reason I love reading and hearing about people's dreams, so you can just imagine how excited I am that there is a thread for this.

When I was younger I used to have this dream that my parents drove to the house next door (yes drove, it's a wierd dream already) and they left me in the car so they could go inside and talk and just as they slammed the door the car started going in reverse and I started riding down this hill and streets just sitting there as monsters were standing in the streets waiting for a bus.

Another wierd dream I had was I was on the roof of some building with my younger brother and one of my younger sisters when this bus appeared out of nowhere and we got on it and it started driving off the rooftop at like 100 mph and the only other passenger on the bus (besides me, my brother and my sister) was my neice, and I looked out the window only to see, well I don't remember because everything outside the window was going really fast and I was scared by my brother, sister and neice were playing cards...then I woke up.

Sometimes I even have dreams about doing my homework when I forget to do it, the scary thing is the answers are usually all right.

My sister had a dream once that she was at a softball game for the senior class once, and the odd thing is she doesn't even like softball.

Love the Lie 03-18-2007 09:29 AM

Okay, I have two dreams that I can remember. Though details are rather few and short as most of what I remember of my dreams is just phases and moments. I don't sleep often either... heh.

So the first one actually involves my fellow Canadian friend, on this board, Sam [Erik].

I don't know why I dreamt it, a while ago actually, but I dreamt that Sam was in a really bad/sad mood and me being all worried called her and talked to her and asked for her exact address. Which she was all confused about but gave it to me. I then sat down on my mother's computer, proceded to and got the directions from my house (in Ontario) to her place (in Alberta). Printed those up, grabbed my lappy, purse and told my mom I was going to a friends for the weekend then left, taking my mother's blue Chevy Cobalt with me.

Please Note: I only have my G1 license, which in Canada is the equilivent of a Beginners, which means I must have a licensed driver with me at all times when I am driving. So... I probably had my full license or the middle step (G2) in the dream but I cannot be sure. All I know for sure is I had keys to mom's car and I was driving... alone... which with a G1 I would never do because I am paranoid of being pulled over by cops.

So... anyways, I drive all the way, in one go to Alberta. Stopping three times for gas. I somehow lost my directions from to Sam's home so I called her up again, as I'm driving past the West Edmonton Mall and tell her I forgot where she lived and needed directions. She was all confused and **** until I was all "I'm here Sam! In Alberta!! I just drove past the Mall and I'm lost! I can't make sure you're happy if I can't find your place!" So Sam was then all excited and we OMG!'d for a few seconds before she told me her address and I showed up at her front door step...

...then I woke up.

The other dream I have to share was just a few nights ago. I wasn't even thinking about my drivers test or anything, right and for some reason I dreamt that my dad woke me up to take me driving. So I went out... and I drove. And I drove very badly. I wasn't driving straight, or smooth... I was speeding and I hit three people. I drove back and forth from work three times. Stopped once for a pizza at work, then went back driving.

At the end of the dream my dad's truck, which should have been scratched and bent to bloody hell was fine. No dents/scratched/anything and dad said I did good and we'd go out again tomorrow.

That was all the dream was. Seriously.

Oh - I just noticed a pattern. Both dreams involved driving! >.<

MystMoonstruck 04-06-2007 05:24 AM

I hate the recurrent dreams I have. Why can't the good ones be repetitive?!

One started when I learned to drive and still makes me wake up with heart hammering. Generally, I have the car in reverse, and I cannot make it stop. No matter how much I press on the brakes, it simply keeps going. The setting varies from a snowy/icy parking lot to a street tilted about as drastically as a San Francisco roadway to a very crowded lot where I am going to crash into one or more cars. Every time, it feels soooo real that my body actually convulses, thankfully awakening me.

Another persistent nightmare also takes place when I'm driving. I know the exact intersection where it occurs. It's very late, and the streets are nearly deserted. I stop for a red light and notice a man step down from the curb to cross the road. Midway, he suddenly is at the cardoor, opening it and reaching in to pull me out of the car. Thank goodness, I manage to awaken before anything else happens! After I had the nightmare, I started locking my door anytime I had to go somewhere at night. Yes, it made that much of an impression on me.

There IS one sort of nice, repetitive one, but it's very frustrating, too. I love attending reenactment events in costume. I'll dream about driving or walking by a usually vacant field, only to see they are holding a Renaissance faire or Rendezvous-style event. I become sooo excited and rush home, trying to gather a costume together to dress up and go to the event. Time passes as I'm hurrying but never managing to get ready. Generally, it's dusk before I'm ready, and I know it's too late now.

Yes, I have many more nightmares and anxiety-producing dreams than good dreams. Perhaps it's because I'm such a worrywart.

moonfire2007 05-03-2007 05:25 PM

You guys really have some interesting dreams! The last one I had actually came true. I don't know if any of you have read about the truck that exploded on the Oakland CA freeway a couple days ago and broke a big section of road. I had this the night before it happened. I was floating just above the freeway interchanges, looking for the exit that would take me to the main one that would lead me home. For some reason I thought I was in Oregon because that's usually where I go every year, not California. So I'm about a mile or so from the exit and this huge billowing cloud of gray smoke comes like a whirlwind from the left side and slows me down till I stop. I can't see anything till it passes. So I try to go again and only get a few feet before another one comes up, stopping me completely. I see other clouds of smoke stopping people on the road ahead of me, then some short guy comes up to me and tells me there's been a crash and nobody's going anywhere for awhile. To make it worse, I look down the road and there are stalled cars everywhere and some people are sitting up against the guardrails sick or dying. There is a whole line of them so far you can't see the end. It was very disturbing to see. I felt helpless because I didn't know what to do, and I also desperately wanted to get home and wondered how I was going to! Then I thankfully woke up and felt sick. My whole body ached and I had to stagger into the kitchen to get some stuff to calm down. Then yesterday morning I turn on the computer and the first thing I see on the aol screen is this accident in California that stalled several freeway interchanges because of this one section being blown up by the exploding truck. I couldn't believe it. I still can't! Tell me that was just a dream.

kkylie 05-15-2007 06:55 AM

moonfire, that is FREAKY! my sis has had THREE dreams that have all actually come true with staggering similarity to the events in the dream...

last night i had a GREAT dream best friend's fave race car driver, kasey kahne and me were gettin it on in a movie theater...yes it was empty lol...

one of my most interesting and striking dreams was my first phantom dream...we have this restaraunt called chuy's and i had been dubbed a chuy's girl and i was just walking around on this beach *in arizona....O.o* and suddenly, i was in this old theater and it was a bw/sepia kind of tone and i was standing there just lookin around...suddenly, behind one of the scenes, i see this shadow...the shadow walks out, dressed in black with a black cape, but i can't see his face and of course, im thinking "he's here, the phantom of the opera!" ok i didnt really in the dream, but i knew it was him...suddenly, i felt this tap on my shoulder and this voice like sweet music speaking to me...before i turn around, i woke up...grrrr

my second phantom dream was just as mystifying...only it was as if i was controlling the entire thing...i was in this sort of dog pound, floating over it only, instead of dogs, there's all these mythical creatures in the kennels...there's vampire's and werewolves mostly, but i looked down and saw erik and grabbed him up and decided he had to come with me and so he obliges me and we go a floating off together and suddenly, i get it into my head that if all those vampires are there,surely dracula must erik and i go off to find dracula...we arrive at this door where there's a great light coming through and i know dracula's coffin is in there and i go to open the door...and i woke up...

oh and the other night, maybe a week ago, i had a strange one...i was pregnant and in labor at this little clinic, because i refuse to go to a hospital when i do have a there i am, havin a baby and the baby's father is no where around and my two best friends suddenly leave me alone, there's no midwives or anyone so i give birth alone and when i pull the baby out, she has the cord wrapped around her neck maybe 4 times and she isnt i pull the cord from around her and smack her till she cries....then it skips, and im holding my maybe 3 or 4 month old in my arms and she's giggling...but man she was cute! lol

07:14 AM

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