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Christine Daaé 12-25-2007 03:50 AM

Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera -- a new opera in progress, by yours truly
Hello, all!

What no one yet knows about me is that I sometimes compose music. It's a skill currently in its infancy, but hopefully I'll expand on it soon through classes.

Anyway, I've decided to start on a new project: Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera, the opera.

You may ask, "Didn't Andrew Lloyd Webber already do that?" My answer is, "Not really." You see, while the style of this piece of musical theatre is rather operatic, and while it is often referred to as a "rock opera", it is still musical theatre. You don't see ALW's POTO playing at the Metropolitan Opera or Covent Garden precisely because that is not what he intended for it to be. Besides, he took the story Gaston Leroux wrote and made enough changes in the story for it to be his own.

To my knowledge, no one has yet made an actual opera of Leroux's work. Now, opera-writing is not something simply for great masters like Mozart, Puccini, Gounod, and everyone in between; new operas are being written all the time, even today. One of my music professors in college, in fact, will be premiering her one-act opera at my college very soon.

I've only just begun this process, but I intend to post a synopsis and a couple of clips every chance I get. I would be grateful for feedback and encouragement, as this is the biggest project I've ever even thought about tackling.

Thank you all!

~ Zelda

SocialMisfit 12-25-2007 03:59 AM

WHOO!!! Right on, Zelda!

This is awesome! I can't wait to hear what you have so far. It'll be great.


Mrs Nadir Khan 12-25-2007 05:50 PM

Zelda, you are my hero. That has got to be the coolest thing I think anyone has ever done. :) Ever. Even cooler than inventing the laser printer or creating Mickey Mouse. I can't wait for updates!

masquerading rose 12-26-2007 04:56 AM

Zelda, you are my hero!!!! I really look forward to your opera. I'm so glad there are still some people who love the art. I've tried to spread it around my school, but it's only worked amongst my friends. Anyways, I'm so glad you are taking the aniciative (sp?) to do this! I love you!

I REALLY look forward to this!

doristelford 12-29-2007 06:14 PM

I am really really looking forward to this - its just so much a completely original idea, and theres too little originality around these days. Im longing and looking forward to the first posting.

PricelessTruth 01-02-2008 07:16 PM


I've been working on the exact same thing for the past year. I have up to *thinks* the roof scene. (actually about five minutes before it, but you get the picture).

That's really neat. How far have you gotten? I cannot wait to see/hear it. I'm sure it will be better than mine!

PT PricelessTruth

phantom's_rose 01-06-2008 09:40 PM

OMG! This is going to be fantabulous!!!!! I have always wanted more out of POTO (not that it isn't already AWESOME!!!!!!!! GO GERRY AND EMMY!) but I never expected it. WOW this is...too the best!!!!! Do you think it's gonna be big? You HAVE to tell us when it's done! This is SWEET!

maskedsinger 01-11-2008 10:40 PM

Zelda, what a wonderful idea. I think that it is so creative that you would do that. I have always wondered if someone would ever do that. I am soo excited to hear about your progress. Good luck!!

Victoria 01-20-2008 01:30 AM

God, I'm so jealous! I wanted to do that :D
Good luck, I'm sure you'll do fine!

IamErik771 02-26-2008 05:38 AM

Ooh! Awesome idea, Zelda! And if you ever need help or advice in arranging any of the pieces for a full pit orchestra or anything, feel free to let me know. I like to think I've gotten pretty good at that sort of thing. ^_^

I've a couple of questions, though . . . Are you planning to make this a full-length, 3- or 4-act opera, or a somewhat shorter one? And if there are multiple acts, where do you think the act breaks will go?

02:33 PM

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