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Ubaldo Piangi 09-26-2008 08:24 PM

Opera Competition: We Want...
Your ideas! Yes, we want our members to submit any ideas they might have as to what kind of opera they would like to see performed. It can be a contemporary tale, or it could bring us back to the past and immerse us in the romance of a historical era. We could even have an opera set in the future, perhaps with some anachronistic elements dating back to a past period in time! The ideas are only limited by your imagination.

However, we do have a few guidelines for members who wish to submit their opera idea:
  1. We would like the opera to be about two to three acts long, but no more than three. Remember, we are going to be role-playing the opera, so it can't go on forever!
  2. It is also preferable if members submitting ideas included a good few arias. This is, after all, an opera, so much--if not all--of the libretto is going to be sung by those performers who have roles in it.
  3. A rough premise of the opera will be necessary so that we will have an idea of what sort of story will be played out. It does not have to be a fully-detailed plot, but we want to visualize it in order to better fit character roles and arias into it.
  4. Above all else, it should be something that people would want to see performed onstage as an opera. Nothing that is sexually inappropriate, or just plain ridiculous, will be accepted.

You will have about two to three weeks from the date of this posting to submit opera ideas. Good luck, because the member whose idea is chosen will win big!

EDIT: Please submit all ideas by PM to Ubaldo Piangi or Daroga.

10:25 PM

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