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EAAB 06-16-2014 01:04 AM


I have a few questions, and possibly, very stupid ones at that:

Why am I called a 'Wandering Child' under my username? Is it a ranking-by-post number thing-am-a-jig? At what number does this change to something else, if at all, and what are the various titles when you get promoted? Could a board moderator list them out please?

I'm a bit curious.

IamErik771 11-21-2014 01:56 AM

Hey there! Sorry for the late reply... but the "Wandering Child" label is for general members, but is changed to "Ballet Mistress" or "Ballet Director" for moderators, and "Opera Manager" for admins. If you donate money to help keep the site running, you can also get a "House Patron" label that would go under the other label. (That would stay in place no matter what, even if you only give a small amount, or even for those who used to be mods or admins but left that position -- once a patron, always a patron!)

Many thanks for a great question. :smile:

phantomsphan0507 05-13-2017 12:45 AM

Hello everyone. I am new on here, I just happened upon it online and I have a question. I am just curious; years ago there was a website that was simply Phantom of the and people would post their phics on their and discuss all things POTO etc.

But when I went to look for it a while ago I could no longer find it and now that I found this website, I am curious if this is the same one just under a new name or is it a rejuvenation of the old one? or something totally different?


IamErik771 05-13-2017 12:30 PM

Hello! Phantom of the is sadly no more -- the owner disappeared, or at least stopped checking in to the site, and I guess the license expired. It's really a shame, since that was a great community. But this is one of the remaining Phantom message boards, and a few of the folks from and other "old-school" forums have joined us. Welcome aboard! :smile:

04:36 PM

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