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Oiseau de Chanson 12-20-2005 03:30 PM

This is HILARIOUS! It was on a LOTR site, but I'm tweaking it phor POTO.

All you have to do is take a POTO quote and substitute one word oph it with "pants"

Por example: "The Phantom of the Opera is there....inside my pants"

You get the idea! :D

Why So Silent 12-20-2005 03:41 PM

o_O ....

::bursts out laughing::

Okay, okay, let me try:

"Why so silent, good monsieurs? Did you think that I had left here for pants?"

Okay. So yours was better...T_T

Beneath the Opera 12-20-2005 03:42 PM

In sleep he sang to me... and in dreams e came... IN MI PANTS!!!!

Oiseau de Chanson 12-20-2005 03:44 PM

lol Kat.

"our Don Juan must lose some weight. It's not healthy for a man of Piangi's pants"

That wasn't great, but ah, well.

Zach--it's not the "in my pants" game from Potterholic. read above^

Beneath the Opera 12-20-2005 03:45 PM

those who have seen my pants, draw back in fear...

Oiseau de Chanson 12-20-2005 03:49 PM

Erik--Your pants are still mine! You belong to me!

Erik 12-21-2005 12:22 AM

Come to my pants of music!

Erm...also, because that one sucked...

Too long you've wandered in pants!

Why So Silent 12-21-2005 12:24 AM

Why have you brought me pants?

Beneath the Opera 12-21-2005 12:30 AM

what raging pants shall flood the soul?


what raging fire shall flood the pants!

Mlle_Valerie 12-21-2005 01:07 AM

Music of the night:

Slowly, gently, pants unfurl their splendor?

Er.. icky :-(

uhm.. here we go:

Open up you pants.. let your pants unwind!?

Wow I'm awful at this LOL!

12:32 AM

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