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~*Purple Martin*~ 01-05-2009 07:57 AM

New kid on the block
Hey, I was taking a walk through phantom sites and wound up here. I'm from Washington state, and steadily fell in love with Phantom of the Opera since we sang it in 8th grade choir about 6 or 7 years ago. If you want to know anything more about me, hit up my profile. Not very good with introductions.

P.S. Let me just say, the background-changing feature for the site just blows my mind. :spin2:

tiannangel 01-05-2009 10:50 AM

Hello Martin! (Is it alright if I call you that?)
My name is Tianna, but feel free to call me Tian, everyone does. Firstly, welcome to TPO!!
We're all maniacs here about POTO so I think you'll fit in perfectly.

If you have any questions or queries, don't feel shy to ask!!

A_Single_Rose 01-05-2009 10:01 PM

Well, you've have stumbled upon a fantastic place, Purple Martin. (Interesting, username, might I add.) I find that this is one of the better PotO sites. The threads are really great and the people on here are so friendly, it's almost sickening. (Just joking.)

I'm A_Single_Rose, by the way, or just Rose. And, like Tian offered, if you have any questions, wanna' chat about anything, feel free to PM me or any of the other members on the site!

See you around,

~*Purple Martin*~ 01-05-2009 10:02 PM

Thanks, Tian. LOL, I don't mind what you call me.

~*Purple Martin*~ 01-05-2009 10:05 PM

I don't mind sickeningly friendly people...sometimes. :)
I chose Purple Martin partially because it's a beautiful bird, and Martin is my last name. Amazing how that coincides.

A_Single_Rose 01-05-2009 10:32 PM

I like how you chose your name; that's really cool. I wish I had something witty like that could fit with my last name. But it's a bit unusual, so that's too bad... :p

Hidden Away 01-06-2009 03:00 AM

Hello! I'm Erika/Patricia Jane, my friends gave me too many names to not forget and that's not a joke. I know you'll love this site, and it's good that you happened to pass by here. Despite my not understanding of RPing here (which actually is amazingly awesome from that Emmy says (phantom's_rose). If you're not into that, well I know that talking off subject is something that people do (Masked Ball). Basically there's something here for everyone :) I think I've posted mainly in the games, Masked Ball, and Persian's Writing, but I hope to see you around the 'block' ahah (new kid on the block...--> block---I hope other get that one...) Anyways :) ENJOY! THIS! SITE!

~*Purple Martin*~ 01-06-2009 04:25 AM

What is your last name Single Rose, if you don't mind my asking?
Thanks for the welcome Erika...girl of many names :). Well I don't know how great I'd be at RPing. I think i tried it once a long time ago and played a persian goat or something with some amusing name that started with an F. Anyway, maybe I'll take a look. If I can't act onstage maybe I can act online.

witch 01-06-2009 05:08 AM

Hello and welcome to the site.
My names Natalia from the land down under and I to love to sign though some of the notes in the phantom are very high.
As for R.Ping there are many wonderful writers here that can help you since I joined I've been very challenged so this is a great place to start.
Anyway hope to catch you round.

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